Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Girl's World Forum: Travels to Chicago

Gather round ye Girl Scout and Guides, for I have a tale to tell!
It was March of 2011, and my daughter was upset that Daddy's deployment had been extended.  We had forgone our annual spring break trip to Houston, assuming he would be returning that week.  With tickets sold out, or too expensive to afford, we were stuck at our South Georgia home.  The beaches were crowded, the museums were packed and we had already seen the movies in theaters.  So what did we do?  Go to Savannah!  With my daughter being almost old enough to be a Daisy, I thought, let's take her to see Daisy's place!  Little did I know how much that one trip would change my life a year later.....

Honestly, when I applied to be the adult delegate from Historic Georgia, I thought I didn't stand a chance, and I would just be another rejected application.  During a day out with my friends, I received a phone call from our program director telling me that I had been selected.  One of those ladies who was with me just happens to my co-leader, and she can tell you that I was shocked!  As soon as I got home, I began my extensive research on all of the Millennium Development Goals.  I continued my research and reading until about three weeks ago, when my head was just about full of knowledge!

On the left would be the fabulous Madison, and to my right is the amazing Sa'Haara-Jade.  I had spoken with these young ladies several times on the phone, but did not get a chance to meet them until the day we left.  Our travels to the forum were most interesting....

I began the day before.  I made a pit stop in Savannah at the Birthplace to pick up a few special goodies, and then made my way up to Atlanta.  I spent the night at my wonderful Mother-in-law's parents' house, where I also safely handed my daughter over to her for the week.  The next morning, she dropped me off at the airport.

Our flight was delayed... by well over an hour.  Then, our bus got stuck in traffic.  We were very happy once it arrived, but not so happy when we got stuck in rush hour traffic.

See my angry face?  See how fast the train was moving?  Needless to say, we were frustrated.  But, we did eventually make it to the hotel, safe and sound.  Then, the real journey began.  Our wonderful CEO Anna Maria Chavez was speaking as we walked into the dining room!

But, it gets better..... Madison and Sa'Haara got to meet her!!!!

Sa'Haara got to meet Anna Maria back in November as GSLI.  You all will be surprised to hear that Anna Maria REMEMBERED HER!!!!  This woman, who comes in contact with thousands of scouts and guides every day remembered her!  Oh yeah, I was seriously impressed.  I was also impressed to find today that she had slipped me one of her patches when she gave me a hug (I discovered this when I was showing my daughter all my SWAPS).

The day wasn't over just yet.... we decided to make a quick trip to the Navy Pier for the fireworks, at which point Madison and I met our room mates, THE IRISH!  I was rooming with their adult delegate, Emer, and Madison was with one of their Girl Guides, Aisling (pronounced Ash-leeng for us Americans who don't know).  They also joined us on our trip along with a few other scouts and guides.

So, the start of our day was a little bumpy, but we finished it off nicely!

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