Sunday, April 26, 2015

It's Your Planet, Love It! Journey in a day

I want to preface this post and explain my massive blonde moment.....  I started planning this wonderful journey sleepover for my area.  I had it in my head that I would do this for all ages, and I was going to keep it all within the same journey theme, thinking it would be easier on me.  So, I wrote it down, announced it at our meeting, and posted it in our unit's Facebook page.  And then, after all the plans were made, I realized, one of these journeys is not like the other!  Oops?  Well, it all worked out in the end, because the "out of place" journey ended up being one that multiple troops needed.

It's Your Planet, Love It!  Journeys:
Daisy- Between the Earth and Sky (we did 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheer For Animals)
Brownie- WOW
Junior- Get Moving
Cadettes- Breathe
Seniors- Sow What
Ambassadors- Justice

The above was our basic outline for our journey in a sleepover event (see the link below for my full blueprint).   Overall, it went very well!  Based on our attendance, we had 2 patrols each for the Daisies (we probably should have done 3 or 4 Daisy patrols), Brownies, and Juniors, and we lumped all of the older girls together (since most of their stuff was self guided).  We had every intention of reading passages from the books, but long story short, that didn't happen.  The older girls did their "connect project" first, and then dove into their journey work (since I did it with them, and then at the end of Friday activities, I did the connect project with the Brownies and Juniors).
The other thing we changed up, was our Take Action workshop.  I stopped to realize that our workshop is very similar to the workshop prefacing the Gold and Silver trainings.  So, instead, our older girls had a "mental health" morning, and we just kicked back and did some fun crafts (and, most of them, their Take Action project is their Silver or Gold).

Here are the links for the actual blueprints of our sleepover, which you may find useful!
Journey Sleepover Plans
Journey sleepover, shopping list
These are guides that I used to base our Take Action workshop on (I strongly recommend you read them!)
Challenge and Change, Girl Guide
Challenge and Change, Adult Guide

But, if you need some other journeys, don't worry, you can use this guide to help plan it!
How to plan a journey event

One last note- for our actual event, we charged $15 per girl and $7 per adult, and that included the journey patch or pin, a fun patch, dinner, breakfast, and 2 snacks, and we managed to come in under budget!  My one goof was we ran out of chicken nuggets (maybe that's why I was under!).