Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Year! Meeting 1

My troop is full of wild, crazy and spunky girls.  They are also kind, smart and funny.  Like me, sometimes they lack a filter and sometimes say the most out there things we can't think of!  But, I really did miss them over the summer.  A couple I did get to see because they live so close to us.

This year is going to be so exciting for us!  We are a MULTILEVEL troop!  This crazy leader has taken on Daisies all the way up to Cadettes this year.  No, I have not lost my marbles (though we're not sure if I ever had them to begin with).  BUT, this would not be possible without my incredible team that I have on board this year!  Really, they are spectacular. 

So, what do you do when you have 4 levels of girls, girls with the same or similar names, and ones that are close to their leaders names?  Go by your camp names!  This year, you'll hear me talk about myself (Lima bean) and my three co-leaders, Firefly, Jelly and Twinkie.  I really mean it when I say that if it weren't for them, this crazy troop would not be possible this year.  I really do miss my old co-leaders, and wish they were both still with us, but I think the 4,000 mile commute might be a little too much on them.

First meeting of the new year, lots of new girls, and even more returning scouts.  We "inherited" another troop this year.  Some of the girls I had many, many years ago in my first troop in this area; and we also got to welcome in a few scouts who moved here from another state.  In a way, it was like a blending of a new family, and it really could not have gone more smoothly!

Let me start by talking about an "unspoken tradition."  It doesn't matter if you are a Girl Scout, Girl Guide or even a Boy Scout, this happens to us all- the first meeting of the year usually runs very late.  This is because we're all "getting back in the habit," almost like it is at the beginning of the school year.  How we managed to finish three minutes early is beyond me.  I am also certain that this will never happen again.  Ever.

Over all, it was a good meeting.  As the girls were coming in, we had them each do a Flat Juliette that we're trading with a Troop in England.  Once we finished up, we did snacks (early, yes), since it gave us a chance to go over some "troop business," mainly what's going on this year. We spent the rest of the meeting playing some simple get to know you games.

It was a simple meeting, but it went over very well!  Stayed tuned for more adventures of this wild, and crazy troop!