Thursday, July 12, 2012

Girls World Forum: Day 1, in a nutshell

As much as I would love to sit at my laptop and tell you all about the AMAZING things we have done today, I unfortunately do not have that much time.  I will blog extensively when I am home.  So, you'll have to settle for the nutshell version for now (sorry y'all!).

Let's start out with my AMAZING room mate!  She's with us all the way from Ireland!  It so happens that one of her girls is rooming with one of my girls.

We had the opening ceremony this morning, and went straight into our sessions.  I was able to talk to ladies from all over the US and other countries about a variety of topics (most of them were related to the MDGs). Already I have been touched by a variety of women who have come in contact with so many issues that need to be addressed.

Later, we will be having a night on the town, in double decker buses!  But for now, that's all I have!

If you're here at GWF, come find me and ask for BUBBLES!!!!

***Edit/add on (later on in the day...)

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