Monday, July 16, 2012

Girl's World Forum: Day 4, in a nutshell

Day 4 was a lot of things for me.  For me, it was a day of picking several of my friend's brains.  You see, I got to me a couple of the facilitators a few months ago, and became friends with them.  They made sure to tell me what classes they were teaching.  Thankfully, they were great classes, and ones I needed to help my girls out when we get home.  At the end of the day, my brain felt like it was ready to explode, but this was a good thing since I took a lot away from it.

Our day was finished off with a scavenger hunt around Chicago.  During my group's hunt, we came across several interesting photo opportunities.  We got to take a photo with some policemen and firemen.  AND, the firemen let one of us put on their suit!!!  Seriously, it was awesome.

Tomorrow will be our last day, but it should be great!

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