Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring, Meeting One

A month off of scouts was way too long for me!  I seriously felt like something was missing.  I know my daughter felt the same way, so she too was glad to be back yesterday.

We have a whole new troop, so it was time to start over again.  My daughter, even in her goofyness, helped introduce everything to our new scouts.  We did the usual beginning, but it took a while since we had to take the time out to teach it all.  They did well though!  After we got that out the way, we played a get to know you game.  The troop is small at the moment (most of the girls wanting to join are not joining until the fall), so the game we played went by quickly.  We played the get to know you game.  We asked them first to do a simple task- line up by height.  Then we asked the girls to line up by the month of their birth.  They were still in the same order, so we mixed it up and asked them to line up alphabetically by their favorite color.  Still in the same order, we asked them to line up by the day of their birth, and finally they switched their order, yay!

Remember the petals craft we did using toilet paper rolls?  We ended up doing that again (my daughter didn't seem to mind doing it again).  The one thing I changed was the size of the petals.  Last time, I cut the rolls in fourths, and it seemed a little too big for the girls.  This time, I cut the rolls in eighths, and it was much easier for the girls to handle.  We had a similar discussion about what each part of the law means.  We followed that up with a quick lesson about Juliette Gordon Low, snack time, and our closing circle.  The friendship squeeze took a couple tries to get, but after the first try, they pretty much got it.

All in all, despite having to start over again, things went smoothly!  We still have stragglers that are slowly coming in, and more girls are joining in the fall.  So come fall, we'll do some of this over again.  My idea for the fall is to make a light catcher instead of a TP flower.  There's several ways to do it.  Both methods use tissue paper, while one uses clear contact paper, and the other uses glue or modge podge along with wax paper.  I have time to play with it and figure out which would be the best for the girls to do.

Coming up next week, a tea party and collages!

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