Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring, Meeting 2

In case you missed it, I posted a little DIY for our new kaper chart.  Having it has made kapers go over much better!  I missed not having one.  Last week, we used my mini kaper chart (that fits right in my folder).  I figured that since it was the first meeting for most of the girls, having something smaller might be easier and less intimidating.  When the girls saw our new kaper chart this week, they all fell in love with it!  All of them were so excited to find out what their kaper for the day was.  My one uh oh was forgetting my good turn clips.  My chart has a leaf on it for us to display the good turn of the week.  Next week, I will remember that!

Our first activity was making a promise collage.  Last week we did the GS law flower, so this week was something reinforce everything we learned, and help the new girls learn the promise.  We laid out some old magazines and various craft supplies and let them loose.  My awesome Co and I sat and helped them cut out things from the magazine, and did a collage with them so they could see some good examples of things that represented the promise.  They cut out some awesome clips from the magazines that really represented the promise.  They also cut out some cute things to represent themselves.

Our next project is part one of a super duper top secret something.  Seriously.  I cannot tell you what it is today (since I know I have troop parents that read my blog)!  It's something fun though, and in a few weeks, I will be able to tell you all what it is, and post the how to.  The girls seem to be taking it seriously!  My Mother in law happened to call last night and my daughter even told her she couldn't talk about it!  I couldn't help but laugh, I mean how cute is that?

Next week, we'll be making soda can pots and working on the petals use resources wisely, and the leaf making choices.

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