Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meeting Two Prep

For our second meeting, we will be learning about the Girl Scout Law. We will also be introducing the girls to the Daisy petals. My awesome leader and I were up late this past Saturday night trying to come up with an activity. During some chit chat, I remembered that I was saving toilet paper rolls to make this craft. That's when it hit us- instead of using 6 petals, like the craft calls for, use 10 and have the girls color them while we talk about it. It was going to take some prep work though....

With fifteen girls in the troop, we had to use all of the toilet paper rolls I had been collecting. We also made a couple extras to use as an example. To complete the flowers, we took some blue construction paper and cut out circles that we later glued on to it.

What you will need:
38 used rolls of toilet paper, cut in fourths (for 15- 10 petals per flower, one roll yields 4 petals)
15 blue, circle cut outs (can be done with one sheet of blue construction paper)
hot glue

What you will need for the meeting:
Crayons or markers in each of the petal colors- violet, light blue, yellow, light green, red, orange, purple., magenta, green, rose

The ahead of time prep:
For the toilet paper rolls, simply flatten them before you cut them. It doesn't have to be perfect, just cut in fourths. After that's done, cut out your blue center.

The original craft has you gluing each piece and holding it together with clothes pins. For this, you'll use your glue gun and place some glue at the edge of each piece to stack them up, like s0

Repeat this until you have all 10 petals glued. At that point, you will let them fan out to glue them together

Once you have that done, simply glue the blue center on

Tada! A nice Daisy for the Daisies to decorate

I'll let you know how it goes. Hopefully it will be a hit, and something easy for the girls to do.

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