Monday, April 2, 2012

A New Kaper Chart

With my new troop about to start up, I'm in need of a new kaper chart.  Like most things on the web, I have seen so many cute and wonderful ideas to base our new one on!

For those of you who don't know what a kaper chart is- it's like a task/chore assignment board.  It has things on it like who's helping pass out papers, picking out the song of the day, helping collect things, ect.  Like all cute things I find, I just have to figure out which way I want to go!

Example 1 Uses a big daisy.  Each petal has an assignment.  The girls names are listed on some cute butterflies that can be placed where need be for each meeting.

Example 2  Is pictured towards the bottom of this page.  It's simple, but very easy.  The chart uses a tri-fold board and the paper dolls from Making Friends.  It has slots to put the dolls in with its kapers.

Example 3  Is similar to the above, but instead of plain slots, it uses cute sleeping bags to spruce up the slots.

Example 4  Is listed a miniature example, but can be done in "full" size.  It has the kapers listed along the side with girls names on clothes pins.  

Example 5  Is an awesome example from the wonderful Crafster site.  This one uses the actual Daisy petals and also has its girls listed on cute butterflies.

Example 6  Is more of a straightforward idea, which might be better for older girls.

Example 7  I think is absolutely perfect as far as listing kapers geared towards Daisies.  It's also cute!

With Daisy aged scouts, you don't want hard assignments, but you do want to instill a sense of responsibility in them by using the kaper chart.  In a way, it covers "responsible for what I say and do" for the whole year.  Most of the Daisy themed charts above list things like take attendance, snacks helper, lead the pledge, help with clean up, help with specific tasks, and more.  Every troop is different, so it's a matter of figuring out what works best for your troop.  I personally do not advise using a kaper chart during your first meeting, unless you have an established troop.  Especially with this age scout, you need to have your first meeting (or even two) just to get a feel for what they are like, so you can make the proper kaper chart.  Before hand, you can at least do the basics to put it together, but hold off on the assignments.

As for what I'm thinking about doing for mine, something that looks like an actual daisy garden.  I found a cute project to display fake flowers, but also noticed in the tiny thumb nail, the flowers had writing on it (it had something to do with a bible passage, and unfortunately I couldn't make out the rest).  Knowing that we'll be doing the journey Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden, it seems like the perfect way for us to go this year.

The good news, my husband, like me, keeps scraps.  I went through his scraps pile in the garage and found several things I can use to make this.  I went through my own stuff and pulled out things to use for my project as well. It's going to take some fiddling, but hopefully come this weekend, I will have something new to show you all!


  1. At Girl Scout Camp, they had flowers taped to sticks stuck in a flower pot. (This was for lunch/dinner). And after you got done eating everyone at the table took a flower and that was there job.

  2. LOVE that idea! I just started working on mine last week, so I will post photos when I finish!


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