Friday, September 14, 2012

Year 2, meeting 2

When my daughter speaks fast, she doesn't always pay attention to what she says.  For example, when we start talking about GS SWAPS, she calls them "swamps."

With this being our first full meeting, we were able to fall back into our normal routine easily.  Our returning girls were great about helping out the new girls learn the ropes. After our opening, we sat down and took a look at some of the great SWAPS I got while in Chicago.  It was to show the girls that SWAPS can come from anywhere and in many different forms, and gave us the chance to really explain to them what SWAPS are all about.

Since we're participating in the SWAPS project, we went ahead and knocked out all of our SWAPS for the year.  We opted to do three SWAPS.  The first one is an oldie, but a goodie.  It's puzzle pieces painted gold and silver, and glued together.  Our next one is a clever little one.  We took several beads, put them in a bag with some glitter, and named them the Daisy beads (get it?!  I love this one!).  For our last SWAPS, we colored clothes pins the colors of the Daisy flower petals and called it a GS promise and law reminder.  They're not fancy, but were very easy for the girls to do and was a small aide in introducing them to parts of the GS law and promise.  We closed out our meeting with a quick snack and the friendship circle.

Next week we're going to dive in, head first, in learning more about the GS law.  We've got a really cool craft planned to help us out.

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