Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Daisies- Year 2, meeting 3

I love Pinterest, so much!  It's highly addicting, but in a good way, really.  Some of the best and most fun things we have done as a troop have been inspired by many things I have found on Pinterest.  Today's meeting was one of those many gems.

Today, we learned about the Daisy Garden and the flower friends.  We talked about ways that we can live by the Girl Scout law and what it means.  To reinforce that, we did some crayon art.  We gave each of the girls a box of crayons.  To review the flower friends, we went through the ten colors, and picked out the blue center (which represents the GS promise).  We helped them hot glue it to pieces of poster board, but we set the blue crayon on it's own, so that they would remember that it was special.  After that, we helped them melt the crayons using hair dryers.  No two pictures looked alike, and it was amazing!

What we did next, I think, was truly amazing.  We had a quick science lesson about light (mainly how when we see white, it means it is reflecting all the colors of light, but when we see black, it's absorbing all the colors of the light).  Our summation was because the black crayon was absorbing all of the colors of light, it was the most beautiful crayon in the box!  We then asked the girls to then take a look in their crayon boxes and pick out what they thought was the prettiest color left.  I asked them to give me those crayons.  I had made an example to show them how it was done.  We added their crayons onto mine and have decided to donate it to a worthy cause.  A good friend of mine is helping out with an auction for Susan G. Komen and their piece of art will be in this auction!

Fellow leaders- think back to one of those moments you've had as a leader when you just thought, oh my gosh, that's it, I'm going to get in so much trouble because of something one of my girls said or did.  Well, I kind of had one of those moments today.  My girls, being the smart cookies that they are, asked what the foundation was for.  I explained that they raised money for breast cancer research, and this was especially important because Juliette Gordon Low died from breast cancer.  I was also asked, what's breast cancer?  My answer was it's something that affects your boobies (strike 1).  My co-leader's son happened to be at the meeting today, pretending to be a good "girl scout," and decided to repeat that... loudly.  That cute little 3 year-old just blurted out, BOOBIES!  I just could not keep a straight face (strike 2).  And then he said it again, and again, and of course the whole table of 6 year old girls were giggling or saying ew, and some of them started saying it too (strike 3, I'm out)!  The first thing that went through my head was oh my gosh, that's it, I'm toast, I'm gonna get a call from the GS police!  It was definitely not one of my better moments, and of course I'm a little mortified right now.  I know, boobies is far from a bad word, but to a 6 year old Girl Scout, it pretty much is.  I just hope that my troop parents can get a laugh out of it too (it was a little funny after all).

Next week, we will be starting on our first journey, Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden!  I'm so excited!


  1. hello my name is Michelle and I'm a Pinterest addict too LOL

    Many of my troop activities are Pinterest inspired as well.

    Super cute crayon art and fab idea on donating one to the auction.

    and too funny on the boobie thing...Oops

    1. Pinterest is completely fabulous! In more ways than one. And there are so many scout leaders on there too that pin, so it's great to find ideas from them as well.

      As for our "dear" boobies, well, at least I got a great reminder/suggestion- save the ta-ta's! I feel really blonde for forgetting that one.


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