Monday, September 10, 2012

Year 2, Meeting 1

I'm very sad to report that for a good bit of our first meeting, our darling Daisies were left to do their own to do arts and crafts while we the adults took care of paper work and questions.  But, it was nice to be back to meeting time (even though it was also my birthday).  While the adults talked, we let the girls make name tags on some large, foam flowers we found at the dollar section of Target, and they got to color an all about me sheet.  I know, not totally fabulous, but add some glitter glue and they made them look extremely fabulous.

We did get a chance to go over the quiet sign, and we got to teach our new scouts about the friendship circle and song, and did a proper closing.  Something so small can be so awesome because we the leaders got to truly see the dynamic of the song right before our very own eyes- "make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver, and the other gold!  A circle is round, it has no end, that's how long I want to be your friend!"  Our circle had our returning scouts and several new scouts.  When we got home, Leah started telling me about the new friends she had made that day, and it was nice to hear about it.

Next week, we're going to try and knock out a bunch of SWAPS for that project I set up.  If we have enough time, we're going to be making something nifty to donate to a charity raffle/auction, that will benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation.  I'm not sure yet what the girls will make, but I have a few ideas ready for them!

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