Monday, September 10, 2012

My next scouting adventure is.....

My wonderful friend Heather calls her blog The Life of a Crazy Volunteer and she's got a good point to it!  Those who don't know, have a hard time understanding what it means to be a volunteer.  It means loving something so much that you are willing to devote your time to it, because it's for a greater good.  It means things like cooking 150 breakfast burritos at 4 AM, or driving 3 hours round trip just to get a special patch, or even walking into a room of strangers just to tell them about your experiences.  

I have two new adventures in scouting coming my way, and I am so stoked about them!  I literally just began my first one today.  I was accepted into the WAGGGS Online Leadership Course with 49 other participants from all over the world!  It so happens that a couple ladies I attended GWF with are also a part of this course.  Yes, I am excited to know that I have a met a few of these ladies face-to-face.  I am however bummed that I may never get the chance to meet some of them, but, I can remain hopeful that I might get that chance one day!

As for my second adventure, well, how do I put this?  I am not crazy.  Ok, so maybe just a little, but in the good kind of way, I promise!  I took on a second troop of Juniors.  We have not had our first meeting yet, but will be very soon!  For those of you who are not familiar with what Juniors do, well, that depends on the troop.  "Traditionally," the first meeting with Juniors is when they sit down and plan out the year.  Every troop is different, and having not yet met these girls, I don't know what track they will want to take.  As their leader, I will do my best to be open to anything they want to do (ok, back to that crazy thing- I will not let them do something like go skydiving, I am not crazy enough to do that!).  I'm really excited though.  Normally, I don't do well not knowing what's going to happen next, but surprisingly I'm ok with it right now.  

I kind of have one more adventure coming up, but it's more for the adults than everything else.  I'm facilitating a few sessions next month at a leader's retreat at Camp Low, and one of them is based on what I did at GWF.  We're going to be playing a ton of games I've come up with to help teach the subject materials.  I'm also facilitating a session on how to teach younger girls how to cook and how to use your own pantry to make simple first aid remedies.  I'm excited!  I already have my course outlines done, now I just have to find some hot deals on the supplies/materials I need (if you guys have the hookup on essential oils, please, let me know since I need a bit and that stuff is expensive!).


  1. That is SO COOL! Daisy's and JR's!

    I found your blog hunting for Daisy stuff and had to add it to my Google Reader. :) Enjoy your new adventure!

    (Oh my god, I had to do the stupid verifying my comment EIGHT TIMES - I hate that)

    1. Thanks!!

      Sorry about that :-( I had to put that in because I had a few spammers try to hit up my blog (very annoying!)

  2. so glad I came across your blog again. I found it a couple months ago (I think) but it was geared towards daisy's so I didn't follow it or book marked it. Last week I stumbled onto it again and now see that you are also a junior leader! I am a first year junior leader and am always looking for other GS leader blogs. I recently started my own blog about my adventures as a leader. I look forward to reading about your journey.

    1. Yay!!! We're still getting the juniors troop together, but hopefully we'll have them up and running soon (which means more blogging for me!)


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