Friday, February 3, 2012

Meeting Seventeen

This was my first meeting back after spending all of January playing Sicky Vicky.  We got so lucky and had an Aunt of one the girls come in to take my place.  To that Aunt, I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!  That Aunt is also our Cookie person this year, and she has been doing a phenomenal job!  Seriously, I cannot say thank you enough to her!

Meeting 17 was a hodge podge of signs.  Today's lessons learned- don't forget to remind the girls that when you have a lot to do, please hold comments until the end so that you don't get off track, but valid questions are of course welcomed.  Needless to say, we ran a bit over on our meeting, whoops!

First up, Thinking Day prep.  We got two tri-fold poster boards for the girls to decorate.  We made a bunch of slides on Power Point about Greece and printed them out.  This was also a great opportunity for us to sit down and talk about the country we would be representing at our Thinking Day fair.  The first part was of course tying our taste test back into this.  Once again, our smart cookies remembered this activity, and they all made that same grimace when I reminded them about the cucumber in the tzaziki.  We also told them about baklava, which we did not get to try, but they all said it sounded like something they wanted to try.  I found a few great pictures of it, and when they first saw it, they said it looked weird and gross.  One girl was very observant and reminded us that sometimes, things that might look gross may taste like the best food ever.  Once we finished going through all of the slides, we laid it all out and let them go to town.  They did an amazing job!

Second on the list for today was making signs for our cookie booths.  The girls made four signs.  Before hand, I took my handy dandy Cricut and printed out a bunch of stuff for them to use.  I explained it gently to them.  I told them I had really bad handwriting, and sometimes, people can't read what I write, so I printed out all this stuff for them to use.  They made two signs that said "Girl Scout Cookies, $3.50," and two signs that said "Give A Box Of Cookies, Thanks!"  Today's lesson learned- if you print out stuff like this, as a time saver, don't throw it all in one bag, otherwise it will take a while to deceifer it all.  Thankfully, one of parents was present at the meeting to help me (to that parent, if you read this, thank you again for your help yesterday!!!) since it was our fearless leader's turn to play Sicky Vicky.  I know most of you have read Safety-Wise, but this is just a quick reminder that the girls should not be using hot glue guns.  We had a whole bunch of left over knick knacks from various meetings that we got out for them to attach to their signs.  Most of them needed to be hot glued on, so I got on the floor with them so they could get stuff on.

Overall, it was a nice, light meeting, despite all of what we did.  After reviewing the food, they were all hungry, and they all agreed that Greece is a gorgeous country!  Who knows, maybe in a few years we'll get the chance to go there as a troop!

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