Sunday, December 18, 2011

Meeting Thirteen

To set up the meeting, we asked our girls to start listing off foods from other countries, and every last thing they came up were things we would not be trying, such has hot dogs, pizza and spaghetti (typical kid food, right?). Even when we tried to get creative, we got things like sandwiches, chocolate and meatballs. It was time to burst their little bubbles.

My family will eat just about anything. My daughter usually has qualms with raw onions, but so do most 5 year olds. Our fearless leader's daughter is the same way. So it was no surprise to watch our daughters scarf down what we put on their plates. The key to our meeting was that we told them that we knew what allergies they all had, and that they all HAD to have at least one bite of everything on their plate (since everything was "allergy free"). My daughter practically inhaled the hummus. Most of the girls loved the Souvlaki, and virtually all of them loved the spice cake. There was a lot of whining about how they didn't want to try the things on their plate.

Our one concern was green stuff. We made sure to peel the zucchini and cucumber before they went into the spice cake and tzasiki. We feared that some of the girls would do the typical kid thing and freak out. By the time everyone had tried everything on the plate, we began telling them what things were and what was in them. When we told them about the cucumber in the tzasiki, they were a little weirded out, but ok. The zucchini in the spice cake was the kicker. They all flipped! By the looks on their faces, you would have thought that we just killed the Easter bunny. It was priceless!

Since this was our meeting before the Christmas break, we finished out with our Secret Santa exchange and talked about what Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are. Most of them already knew, but it was a good refresher for them. And now, we have 3 whole weeks off of school, which sadly means a 3 week break from scouting.

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  1. If they were Brownies, you could have use the Brownie bite to be polite. Which is just even if you don't want to eat all of this new food, you should at least try a little bite of it and see. You might like it.


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