Friday, February 3, 2012

Meeting Fifteen

Remember the bird nest craft we did? We had a big bag left over of all of those scraps we used for it. The bag had the paper shreds, the flower cut outs, ribbon, foil, string and some other things I have surely forgotten about.  Of course you all know that we're real big on those recycled crafts, so we got to bust out that bag again this week!

In the leader book for 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 4 Cheers For Animals!  There's an activity about animal masks.  In the new Daisy guide book, there's also some animal masks in the back that you can cut out.  While my fearless leader and I agreed that while those masks in the guide book were cute, they just weren't enough for our smart cookies.  So, we grabbed that bag of recycled wonders, some paper plates and strings and let them make their own masks... I still have that bag left, and I will find a way to use it for things next year!

Our next activity was the backwards bingo game, also an activity from the leaders book, and is associated with Mari's story from the book.  It's a fairly simple principle, and easy enough for the girls to do.  They seemed to enjoy it at first, but that was short lived (how many times have I said that we have smart girls?!)

We finished out our meeting with some more talk about cookies and talk about what's coming up.  Our girls have already exceed our troop goal, how awesome are they?!  Cookie booths will put us over the edge, so get ready for fun stuff next year!

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