Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meeting Eleven

Never, ever forget your craft supplies, especially crayons or markers. Our fearless leader accidentally forget our crayons, so our turtle shell activity had a bit of a bump. She did remember glue sticks, so the girls were able to glue on the googly eyes that one of the girls brought in for us. I'm not entirely sure they understood the why (shells protect turtles and give them confidence, illustrate on your shell how you can be confident) after seeing what they did. Most of them glued on the eyes and just decorated the shells. Maybe it's something we'll have to revisit later on. The foam turtles were a big hit though. We didn't have time to finish them, but it gave them something to do over the weekend and something to talk to their families about. The theme of having a way to protect themselves as turtles do, they got.

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