Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meeting Six and Investiture

Meeting six was surprisingly low key, but nice. The most important part of our meeting was rehearsing for our investiture. We were able to squeeze in two rehearsals, and the girls did amazing. Afterward, we gave them a choice of what games we could play, and they all choose red rover, red rover. Who would have thought that such a simple game would become so popular with them?

As for the investiture, I have a few valuable lessons for you all... Lesson number one, make sure before the ceremony, all of your pins are unpinned and ready to go. We had a blonde a moment and forgot to do that. Lesson number two, if you can, try to do it in a place where the sun isn't affecting everyone. We were a little limited as to where we could do it, and unfortunately, the cafeteria at our troop's school had a huge glare on the stage. The sun was in the girl's eyes, and it made it tricky for our friendly photographer who was helping us out. Lesson three, which was a good thing, has to do with our petals ceremony. Our fearless leader had a great idea. Instead of putting our petals on a poster, we ended up putting them on a tri-fold poster, and taped that to a table. It was a lot easier that bringing in my daughter's easel for a poster board.

Over all, the whole day was a success. Even though we had to stand behind the girls and remind them about their lines, it was still wonderful. We got a lot of compliments from the parents, so hearing that made it all the better for us!

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