Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Meeting Five!

Today's lesson learned... if you're going to do a team based, sharing-focused activity, you might want extra help to keep an eye on everyone.

We started out with our usual routine. While our fearless leader set up the tables for painting, I took the girls and read with them. We read A Little Birdie Told Me, on page 17, which was a perfect way to begin talking about caring for animals. It was also a good way to get the girls involved. We took a point from the story and went around the circle asking each girl, if they were a bird, what color would their feathers be. We related it back to the week before when we made our all about me nests.

Since we have 15 girls in our troop, we split the project up in to 3 groups. Two groups had pots and one group had the base (bath portion). Each group was initially given 4 cups of paint (blue, yellow, red and green) and 4 paint brushes. This then worked into this week's good turn. We told the girls that they need to share the paint and paint brushes, and if they wanted a different color, they needed to ask their team mates to please pass the paint. As each table began to do this, we rewarded them with special paint brushes and 2 extra colors (purple and orange).

After each table finished, they were to help with the initial clean up, and then went with our leader to play the game choices choices. During snack time, we talked to them a little bit more about remembering to use manners. We asked them to go out of their way this week to remember to say please, thank you, excuse me and to over all, be polite. Immediately, we had several girls thank us for snack time.

Next week's meeting will be laid back. We'll be starting the meeting out with rehearsal for our investiture, and the rest of the meeting will be a fun day for them.

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