Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meeting Seven

Today's lesson learned, make sure that when reading something important, the girls are paying attention. While reading our story, one of our awesome parents volunteers held up the cards that had the pictures of the items the girls would be finding during their little scavenger hunt. I stayed behind in the gym to read the last riddle while our fearless leader stayed out in the school to keep an eye on the girls. We had a few teachers let the girls come into their classrooms to give them riddles, and we had someone in the office help us out too. Some of the girls needed other hints. I thought that the riddles I had made would be easy, but it turns out they were a little on the hard side.

On the bright side, the girls really enjoyed it, and everyone helping thought it was a nifty thing to do to. It got the girl outside of our normal meeting spot, moving around, and it got them using their heads. Granted, once they got their goodie bags, all decorum sort of went out the window. We did have some candy in the bags, as well as a toy bracelet (to represent Juliette's pearls, since we couldn't find any cheap pearls). All in all, it was a huge success!

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