Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meeting Eight

Today's lesson learned, we should have used tablecloths on the tables. It's hard to forget that so many people today have peanut allergies. Thankfully, no one in our troop does, so we didn't think about that before we let the girls go at it. Of course they made a mess. Thankfully, I always carry some paper towels and cleaning spray in my meeting bag, so we were able to clean up everything. Having a tablecloth would have saved a lot of time. We also should have done this outside. The girls spilled a lot of bird seed on the floor. We would have cleaned it up, but the ladies in the office said the custodian would do it. Before we left, we tracked them down and gave them a massive apology.

The girls loved it though. Even the prep for it brought some fun to one of my friend's kids. We don't have any pine trees in our yard, but I have a friend who has a backyard filled with them. Her kids thought it was fun trying to find the "perfect" pine cones for me. We had well over 30, but we also had a variety of sizes to give the girls options. They didn't seem to care, they just liked getting their hands dirty.

Once they were finished, we played animal "Who am I?" to keep them occupied while the extra cleanup commenced. Even after the girls left, it still took us a while to get all of the peanut butter off the table and chairs we used. Seriously, I mean it, if you do this with your girls, do it outside! Also, don't forget to emphasize that they should not be eating the peanut butter and bird seed.

Despite the few bumps, the girls loved it and they each got to make several feeders. We told them to keep one and share the others they made. My daughter gave her extra to the friend that gave us her pine cones.

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