Saturday, November 24, 2012


Obviously, there are many, many, many opportunities for Girl Scouts.  There aren't nearly as many for adults, but that's because we're not the scout anymore.  However, of the opportunities that are around for us, they are completely and totally AWESOME!

Down here in lil' ole Historic Georgia, we have this lil' thang called LEAP- Leadership Experiences for Adults Pathways.  In other words, its a fun weekend where we get to camp out and learn about new things that we can bring back home and teach our girls!  Plus, we get be silly and dress up, but more on that part later.

Remember that little Take Action project I brought home from GWF?  Well, at LEAP, I was afforded another amazing opportunity to further my work.  On Friday evening, I got to facilitate a course all about the MDGs.  My time slot was three hours long.  The first thing that went through my head was, oh my gosh, that's it?!  I need to figure out now how to cram everything in such a short time period!  There was just so much I wanted to do, and so much information to be gotten out.  After a lot of work, I managed to whittle it down to exactly three hours (and by that I mean we ran over by 5 minutes, but in my defense, we took a break half way).  One of the things we did was play several of the games I've been working on for the girls.  Here's what we played (we copies in case you want it!):

(will post them later from my desktop)

Saturday was a fun day.  I started out the day by facilitating a session on how to cook with the younger girls. For those of you who keep up with my blog, you know that it is totally doable!  For the newcomers- it is totally doable!  You need to make sure you have clear kitchen rules, and you might want to have an extra set of adult eyes on hand to help out.

Next, I got to take a fun class about games (some I knew, some I didn't, so it was very useful), a class about water conservation, and a fun science class (we made things go BOOM!  Ok, not really, we did the Mentos in Coke, but it was still awesome!).

So, about that whole dressing up thing..... LEAP always has a theme.  This year our theme was Once Upon A Time.  Each Service Unit got to pick a book and decorate a table based on that book.  Our SU choose Harry Potter, and our table was rocking!  Our table took second place, yay!  Plus, during dinner, we all dressed up based on the theme.  Our SU decided to dress up at the women up Harry Potter, and as a group, we took first place in the costume contest.  The whole evening was amazing though.  Some of the tables and costumes were totally over the top awesome!  Next year's theme is about holidays (I forget the exact "name").

Sunday I was able to facilitate one more session about home remedies.  I had supplies on hand for us to make bug spray, relaxing bath salts and a muscle cream.  Everything we learned about it great stuff that you can have your girls make before a big trip, outing or especially before a camping trip.

I got home and was so exhausted!  I slept like a log and even had to take a nap on Monday.  It was worth it though, and I can't wait until next year!

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