Saturday, November 24, 2012

Daisies Year 2, Meeting 10

Cookie season is quickly approaching, as is the holidays!  The safety pin is something that all levels have available, and like with all of the "new" Girl Scout curriculum  each level of the pin is appropriate for the age of the girl.  This meeting was a great opportunity for us to not only earn this pin, but learn very important safety points that the girls need to know.

The first thing we learned about was safety points we need to remember while out selling cookies. We learned that we need an adult with us at all times, to never go in someone's house or car, which then lead into stranger danger.  The girls learned what to do in case a stranger approaches them or even tries to take them.
We reminded them to always look before crossing a street and that it's a good idea to hold an adult's hand.  We also learned who is safe to approach in case you get lost, and what to do if you get lost.

Next up, we made first aid kits.  In Target's dollar section near the cosmetics, they had some small kits for 97 cents.  We bought the kits, but then took them apart so that the girls could put them back together later, so they could learn the why.  As we did that, we explained it all.  We also got out a bigger kit and picked it apart so they could learn about other things that might be found in a kit and why.

The next thing we did was to learn about stop drop and roll. This was something they had already learned in school, but we just wanted to reinforce it.  Lastly, we touched on choking.  We demonstrated all the methods (including Heimlich), but stressed to get an adult and what the universal sign for choking is.

We have a cookie rally-sleepover coming up and we're going to be going over these safety points again, plus more for the older girls.  It can never hurt to reinforce these safety points!

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