Sunday, October 2, 2011

Meeting Three and a parade!

Last week, we learned about the Girl Scout Law and Promise. The promise is short enough that it makes it very easy for the girls to remember. Even though I was a scout for eight years, and a leader previously, I still can't always remember the law. Our fearless leader had a brilliant idea- Red Rover, Red Rover, but instead of calling the girls names, assign each of them a line from the law and promise, and call them over that way. Learn from our mistake- make sure you remember the law, otherwise you'll have to write it on your hand (or do what we did and have our notebook in front of us). It was a HUGE hit with the girls, and when we were done playing, they wanted to play again!

As much as we wanted to play one more time, we had something fun on the agenda. We got to march in a local parade yesterday, so we had banners out for them to make signs. The lesson that we learned yesterday was, butchers paper, even when reinforced, will still tear if it is really windy. The signs were so cute though; the girls did an amazing job on it. Halfway through the parade, our largest sign gave way, but the small sign was salvageable. My leader and I trudged along with the sign while the girls held hands behind us, and their parents walked behind them. And, the best part, they're getting a fun patch for being in the parade!

Next week, we're going to be making bird nests. We got really creative in the prep for those, and we know the girls will have fun. So, be on the look out for that prep post!

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