Sunday, September 25, 2011

Meeting Two!

I must say, after our second meeting, I have a LOT more respect for teachers of younger children than I did before! My leader and I only spend about an hour and half with these girls each week, but man, it can be draining at times! It's worth it though. They all seemed to enjoy this week's meeting, and they got to learn a few things.

We were able to start our meeting with our normal routine this week. We did the potty and water fountain shuffle, and then lined up to say the pledge. After that, we began to teach them the Girl Scout Promise, which then lead into teaching the Girl Scout Law. Some of the girls remembered it from the previous year, which really surprised me. The girls in our troop are incredibly smart!!! Our next point of business was teaching them a new song. My leader and I decided that instead of singing the same song at every meeting opener, we would rotate about four songs to give them some variety. We learned the first song last week, and it was hit. I'll make a fresh post for you all with the songs we choose.

For our first activity, we did that trefoil project I mentioned, just like this one. It was a great way for the girls to learn and remember the Girl Scout sign. It was also the perfect transition into learning more about the promise, which lead into our next activity.

Our flower craft seemed to be a huge hit with the girls. Our fearless leader also took it as a great way to remind the girls to share. She gathered all the crayons we needed ahead of time and divvied them up. A few colors we had extras, while others the girls had to take turns with. We did have a few girls who got impatient and kept trying to get ahead, but you know how some kids can be!

Next we did our snack and closing circle. We finally got a chance to do our friendship circle the proper way, and teach them the friendship song. We only taught them the first verse, but also in part because we couldn't remember the other verses. Last night, my leader and I learned that there are eight (I know!!!) verses in total to the friendship song! Maybe later on we'll teach them one more verse, but, these are a bunch of five and six year olds, so we'll see.

Next week, we will be playing Red Rover, Red Rover, Girl Scout style!

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