Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer fun, take one!

We may live in a small town, but thankfully, we have things to do in the surrounding areas.  There's a lot of cool things in Jacksonville, we have the amazing Jeykll Island, beautiful St. Simons, Savannah is just North of us, plus there are some active troops within our area as well.  Just last week, our Service Unit did there day camp. Unfortunately, my daughter and I could not make it, but I heard from others in our troop that they had a blast.  Next week, we'll be participating in a day camp for a Service Unit just North of us (me helping, the kiddo having all the fun or course).

MOCA Jacksonville is an amazing little museum.  For starters, it's taking part in the Blue Star Museums this summer (which means its free for the military this summer).  MOCA is also free for families on Sundays, AND, they have entire kids floor.  Score 1 for a family field trip!

Going back to our small town.... thankfully, the military base here has a few things to offer, including a bowling alley!  Another great thing for us.  We just found out that they do a cool little thing for this kids, but we can't afford it this summer (maybe next?).  It's basically a behind the scenes tour with some fun stuff.  This summer, we're just going to go bowling one afternoon (since it's under $2!).  Score 2 for a family field trip!

Up next, the beach.  Might as well, I mean we live less than 20 minutes away from some amazing beaches in Fernandina and Amelia!  Score 3 for a family field trip!

So that's several fun things we've got on the agenda so far, plus one exciting thing.... the Games Go Global badge.  With the Olympics just around the corner, what better to do at the end of July?!  We're trying to get some of our friends to come do it with us (the more the merrier, right?).  The plan right now is to have several activities for the girls to do within each category of the patch.  The requirements are on the lax side, so it does gives us some wiggle room.  The basic mechanics have us organizing a small activity in 3 areas- stadium, temple and theater.  The stadium events are physical challenges, the temple events are thinking challenges and the theater events are arts based.  There is one big thing though- there are no winners and losers.  The concept is to bring every one together to emphasize team spirit and pride.  As soon as I finish the details of this one, I'll make a whole post for you all.  Oh, so that brings our score up to 4!

To close out our summer, our service unit is sponsoring an evening at the local splash park.  It's taking place shortly before school starts, so it seems like the perfect way to end everyone's summer.  Plus, we can bring our family and our admission is much cheaper than their normal price.  Score 5... I think we have a summer win for us!

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