Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Prep, redux

With a newly formed troop, I have had to re-shift my focus on planning out our spring schedule.  I have a bit of a hidden agenda though.  Not that long ago, I found out that I would be attending the Girl's World Forum this summer that will be tackling the eight Millennium Development Goals in Girl Scouting.  If you take a look at the eight goals and the UN's reports on their status, you'll see that it's some pretty serious stuff.  However, the MDG's also play into a special badge, the Global Action Awareness badge.  The best part, if you take a look on the Girl Scout website, you'll see that it has steps on how to earn this badge for every level, including for Daisies.  It gets better- most of these tie right in with the Daisy petals.

We have a lot of new girls coming into the troop, so we're kind of starting over.  We do have a few who have been in since the fall, so this obviously is not new to them.  Meeting one will be an introduction for the new girls.  Meeting two will be a good refresher for our "old" girls since we plan on making a collage about the GS promise and law (I might regret later on letting them use modge podge and tissue paper!).

Meeting three is when we will finally dive into the MDG's and Global Awareness badge.  We're going to learn about environmental stability and recycling, which falls right into saving the planet and end hunger and poverty.  Now you ask, how??  Simple!  We're planting mini-gardens in recycled cans.  Before you do this, make sure you have metal cutting scissors (I'll post a how to with photos later).

That is being followed up with a lesson in one of the financial literacy leaves and a trip to a local farmer's market.  This then plays into meeting four, which is more about the two above MDG's and plays a little into helping children survive.  We're going to cook with what the girls buy at the farmer's market, since obviously our gardens won't be ready in a week. This will also be a good healthy eating lesson, and plays into all the MDG's which relate to nutrition, survival and education.

The next few meetings are along the same lines- tie in an MDG and portion of the Global Action Awareness badge in with a Daisy petal, and keep up with using as many recycled materials as possible (I'm trying to find something else to do with those toilet paper rolls).  We probably won't get in all 10 points by the end of the school year, but we might meet a few times over the summer, and it's easy enough to finish this up in the fall.  We're still planning on resuming our journeys in the fall and continuing work on the petals.

Mixed in with all that will be an attempt at some fun time.  We're hoping that our last meeting of the school year can be something fun like an indoor camp fire (not real obviously).  It's been a while since I made a faux fire, so I think I need to hop in Pintrest to research the easier/cheaper ones before I destroy my crafts stash. However, next up on the list is inventorying the craft room again to see what all I have.

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