Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lots of great links!

As a leader, I am constantly looking for new ideas.  Sadly, our local library is not the best place to look.  For me, the next best resource is the good ole' internet, and boy, are there a lot!

I do keep up a Pintrest page for many of the sites we've used as inspiration.  For those of you who are not familiar with Pintrest, in order to post a link, the page needs to have a photo you can attach to it.  This is a list of sites we've used as inspiration that do not have photos for us to tack in Pintrest (will edit this list as I go along, since I keep finding more):  This site has a LOT of amazing games that are perfect to do with our girls.  This is one of several sites that we pulled our songs from.  This great little gem has some terrific ideas on learning the GS law  We pulled most of our ideas for our investiture from this site.  This site has several ceremony ideas listed.  Another site with some great songs.  An amazing resource for activities relating back to the GS law. A rough idea of a year's plan for Daisies GS Jeopardy (could be really fun for older girls too)   A few games relating to JGL, very easy and fun A ton of great games to play with any age scout  More great games Another awesome how-to-planning guide   And another great meeting planner guide   A basic how-to for SWAPs

More coming as we go!  Hope these help!

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