Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Brownies, year 1, meeting 2

This whole being pregnant and being a leader thing is NOT easy.  I laid down last night around 8 to read a book, thinking I could get in a few chapters.  Instead, my husband woke me up at 9:45 to tell me to put away the Kindle safely.  My troop wore me out!  And, I completely forgot a few things we needed for the meeting.  For example, I forgot the list of how to earn Brownie Bucks and the new food pyramid (luckily I had a "back up" I could use in the badge pamphlet).

The start of our meeting today, we wrapped up the requirements for the badge Making New Friends (which we started last week).  After that, we began work on the Healthy Habits badge. We normally have snack time at the end of the meeting, but as a change today, we did snack time first since it had a hidden agenda there.  I purposely signed my daughter up for snacks this week to make sure we would have a good, healthy and teachable snack.  Ok, I know, many people hear healthy and automatically think something that tastes like cardboard.  The chef in me says shame on you!  It is very possible to have tasty, yet healthy foods.  To simplify it for the girls, our snack was 100% fruit juice (no junk added) and "natural" granola bars (meaning no processed sugars in them- the ones I bought have honey, dried fruit, some nuts and oats in them and are very yummy!).  We also got a chance to learn about a balance meal, the food groups and other healthy eating habits.

Our next activity was very fun, and a little bit silly.  We had each girl come up one at a time and we asked them each where a specific organ in their body was.  Some we knew they wouldn't know (for example, where is your large intestine, or where is your esophagus).  Once we had asked all of our girls where these organs were, we then asked them about some common pains they have felt before.  We related it back to those body parts, and what to do if it hurt.  Of course there was that old mom saying- if your stomach hurts, try pooping first.  Yeah, we went there, but we know it holds true so often!

In the end, we covered good hygiene practices, how long we should be sleeping at night and a few other things along those lines.  Our hopes was that they would keep all of this in mind until our next meeting, but the next badge we would be working on worked into this one as well (which all of these will work into our upcoming journey sleepover).

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  1. Good idea! I like asking them where all the body parts are! When we are finished with our Journey I"ll have to remember this one. (It won't let me put in my website address but I'm at


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