Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daisies, Year 2, Meeting 13

When you have a group of first graders, how do you touch on the subject of religion while not offending anyone?  Case in point- within our troop, we represent approximately 6 different religions!

My Promise, My Faith is a pin that a scout can earn every year.  Last year when we introduced it to the girls, we tried touching on all the major religions and tied it all into one big lesson- it doesn't matter what your religion is, they all have the same core beliefs (be nice to everyone, be a good person, ect.).  This year we got a little more specific. The first half of the day we tried relating certain aspects of our religions back to pieces of the Girl Scout law.  We learned that as a whole, the Girl Scout law is represented in all our religions.  After that, we got into our religions and learned about special holidays we celebrate, and why they are so important.

This year's lesson was shorter than last year, but seeing as how it was the follow up, the girls already knew quite a bit.  We finished up by playing a few games and just having some fun!

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