Saturday, August 4, 2012

Investiture and Rededication prep, take two, part one!

New troop, new girls.  Traditionally speaking, investitures are supposed to take place around meeting four.  I'm not yet sure as to exactly when we will be working this into our fall program, but it's on the list!

At the beginning of last year, we did a cute investiture and rededication that involved a poster with the Daisy petals and a cute "play" about it.  So that's out for this year.  After flipping through a booklet I got at our local GS store, I got an idea on what we could do, but still keep it within the Daisy theme- ribbons!  So, challenge time:

Challenge 1: Do the ribbon theme, and figure out the logistics of it

Challenge 2: Do this as cheaply (inexpensively) as possible

Challenge 3: Figuring out when to do this

Challenge 4: Coming up with "new" dialog for the girls to say during the ceremony

Challenge 5: Figuring out the logistics of the ceremony

Challenge 6: Trying to figuring out the when part

First up, with challenge four- I have a few ideas already.  I've been researching how we can do this.  It also depends on how many girls we will have to participate, so the exact logistics will have to wait until the time comes.  My first idea is to do a cute skit about Juliette Gordon Low.  I found an adorable story on scouting web.  The story had the girls do various actions for certain words.  We worried back in October if the girls would be able to memorize their lines.  This is easier since we can do it so that all the girls do the action (that story has one girl at a time doing it).  My next idea was to do a series of songs.  There's so many more songs we haven't introduced yet, but could. The girls catch on to them quickly, so that would be easy enough to accomplish, and the parents love having moments like that to record.  The next idea involves an actual skit, though with how much time we might not have, it might not be the best idea I've had, though still cute.  Thankfully, we have some time to decide.

Challenge five isn't entirely horrible.  After looking through many resources, I'm sure we'll be able to find a fresh way to do this.  Challenge one and two go along with challenge five, but once we sit down and do some solid planning, I know we'll figure it out.

I'm hoping that once recruitment season is over and we have a set meeting place, the logistics of our investiture and rededication will fall right into place.  For the most part, we have an idea of where we want to take this, and that's half the battle!